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WatchingBuying Online: Be Safe. Be Wise.

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Importance of the Topic:

This humorous vignette points out the necessity of taking care when we purchase something online. More and more we are making purchases online and avoiding the bricks and mortar stores. While this is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for people, there are cautions that need to be taken. As with any financial practice, there are safeguards and checks to be made, prior to any purchase, in order to ensure that we don’t wind up with something we don’t want – or worse – that we have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. So how do we safeguard ourselves as we shop online? There are certain things you can do.

Desired Outcome, Knowledge, or Skill:

  1. Realize the need to use only well known, trusted websites for money purchases and transactions.
  2. Practice using secure websites only when making purchases.
  3. Realize that you should only use direct store websites – never through a browser.
  4. Understand the need to check your statements right away to ensure all is correct.
  5. Appreciate the need to change your passwords on a regular basis.
  6. Understand the need to avoid using public WiFi when making purchases or doing financial transactions.

Possible Activities:

  1. Explore how you can be certain that you are on a secure website
  2. Check to see how you can ensure that a web site is legitimate
  3. Check to see why public WiFi is not safe
  4. Make a notation on your calendar to review and or change your passwords.