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Importance of the Topic:

This vignette humorously points out the need for us to be on alert for unscrupulous people who would take advantage of us at any opportunity. There is an old saying “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is” which warns us to be suspicious of people or situations that offer a large benefit for very little in return. But scammers are becoming more sophisticated in developing ways to swindle people. We need to be vigilant in any dealings we have and look for ways in which the transaction could actually be a scam. The last thing we want is to be a victim of fraud.

Desired Outcome, Knowledge, or Skill:

  1. Recognize the need to be on guard against scams and fraudulent situations.
  2. Appreciate the need to protect your valuables and personal information.
  3. Develop ways to protect your cash, wallet, purse and credit cards.
  4. Know how to report scams and suspicious activity.

Possible Activities:

  1. Check any online site to ensure that it is secure before purchasing or engaging in any financial or personal activity.
  2. Look for any of the following as signs of a possible fraudulent website:
    • Spelling errors in the text
    • A lack of contact information
    • the URL does not have a closed padlock or does not have an S in the URL – https
    • check the following website for more information
  3. After making an online purchase, monitor your credit card account periodically to ensure no unauthorized charges have occurred. If so, contact your credit card company and report the fraud. They are very good at helping to address the charge.
  4. Never carry an open purse or a wallet in an easily accessible location.
  5. Protect your PIN number and personal data and NEVER share it.
  6. If in doubt about email requests for information, contact the company first or go directly to their website and your account with them to see if the request in legitimate.
  7. Avoid pressurized sales! Take your time to consider and review any transactions before completing the deal.
  8. Discuss with a partner ways that you could be distracted so that some unscrupulous person could steal your purse or wallet.
  9. Discuss with a partner experiences that you may have had where you thought it was a scam giving your reasons.